Kiwi Corner Dairy online store – ships NZ foods to NY

Kiwi Corner Dairy is an online store that ships NZ foods to Kiwi expats and friends worldwide.

Shop online for New Zealand food, lollies, biscuits, chocolate bars and other Kiwi snacks!

When you’re yearning for New Zealand Food, a favourite NZ chocolate bar, Kiwi lollies, New Zealand biscuits, Whittakers chocolate, Pineapple Lumps, (even our Australian friends’ Tim Tams biscuits) Kiwi Corner Dairy is your online New Zealand shop that ships to Kiwi expats and friends worldwide

Kiwi Club members get a discount of 20% off all products.  At checkout, simply enter the coupon code NZ EDGE.

Kiwi Corner Dairy, 31 Greig Place, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120, New Zealand.

p +649 238 3845│m +6427 482 2907

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