International Conference Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Çanakkale / Gallipoli Campaign

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Date(s) - Thursday, April 16
9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Maritime Academic Center, SUNY Maritime College




“History, National Perspectives and Friendship”

Thursday, April 16, 2015, State University of New York (SUNY) Maritime College

The Consulates General of Turkey, Australia and New Zealand in New York, hosted by SUNY Maritime College, cordially invite the scholars, diplomats, students and residents of New York City and the tri-state metropolitan area to participate in the International Conference Commemorating the lOOth Anniversary of the 1915 Canakkale/Gallipoli Campaign, to be held on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at SUNY Maritime College, Bronx, NY.
The main themes of the conference will be the historical significance and national and international perceptions of these events, and the way in which these events, distinctive in world history, led the way to a strong friendship among the countries involved, which has lasted from 1915 to the present and beyond.
The Conference venue will be the Maritime Academic Center at SUNY Maritime College, 6 Pennyfield Avenue, Bronx, New York 10465, easily reachable from all points in the New York metropolitan area.
There is no charge for parking and conference attendance.

Shuttle buses will be available at 8.30 a.m. in front of Turkish Center, 821 UN Plaza, Corner 46th St across the Street from UN Entrance and will return from the conference to the Turkish Center at 2.45 p.m.

For any questions please contact Consulate General of Turkey in New York at Tel: (646) 430-6361; E-mail:

Conference Moderator: Dr. Mark Meirowitz, Assistant Professor, SUNY Maritime College

[ezcol_1quarter]08:30-09:30[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Coffee available[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]09:30[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Presentation of the Colors by SUNY Maritime College Honor Guard, Moment of Silence for the fallen soldiers at Çanakkale/Gallipoli and video on the historical significance of Çanakkale/Gallipoli[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]09:35-09:50[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Welcoming remarks by Dr. Timothy Lynch, Provost, SUNY Maritime College; Mr. Ertan Yalçin and Ms. Peta Conn, Consuls General of Turkey and New Zealand in New York, and Ms. Natalie Roche, Acting Consul General of Australia in New York[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]09:50-10:20[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Presentation by Prof. Kenneth T. Jackson, Jacques Barzun Professor in History and the Social Sciences, Columbia University[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]10:20-10:50[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Presentation by Prof. Edward J. Erickson, Professor of Military History, Marine Corps University[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]10:50-11:30[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Coffee break[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]11:30-1:00[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]”History, National Perspectives and Friendship”[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]11:30-12:00[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Prof. Çaǧri Erhan, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University, Turkey[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]12:00-12:30[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]David Russell, Colonel, Military Adviser, Permanent Mission of New Zealand to the United Nations[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]12:30-1:00[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Matthew Lamerton, Major, Deputy Director of Captain Career Training Department, Army Logistic University, AUS[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]1:15[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Proceed to Special Events Room for Buffet Lunch[/ezcol_3quarter_end][ezcol_1quarter]01:30 – 2:30[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Buffet Lunch – SPECIAL EVENTS ROOM[/ezcol_3quarter_end]