Award Winning NZ Play — Sleep/Wake — from March 19 – 22, 2015

Running from 19 to 22 March, 2015

Ellen Stewart Theater, La MaMa, 6 East 4th St, New York
Tickets can be bought online at or from the La MaMa box office 646.430-5347

NZ_PerformanceThe New Zealand New Performance Festival is a ten day showcase of contemporary performance featuring nine different works belonging to award winning and internationally respected artists from New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, from dance to standup comedy and physical theatre to installation, March 12th – March 29th at one of New York’s most exciting venues, LaMaMa.

An award-winning highlight of the New Zealand New Performance Festival that uses science and performance to peel back the layers of consciousness on stage.

Theatre and design collide with science in this collaboration between sleep scientist Philippa Gander and director and designer Sam Trubridge. Sleep/Wake was commissioned for a special season in Auckland’s Town Hall for the 2009 Auckland Festival of the Arts where it received rave reviews and awards for its intelligent collaboration between science and stunning performance design.

The show is staged on a custom-­‐built set that forms an integral part of each performance. Critical to the experience is the live-­‐operation of its technical elements: moving walls, projections, polysomnographic machinery, liquids seeping across the stage, and the play of light in the space are all live performances that are synthesized with the movements of the performers.

Says director Sam Trubridge: “When we sleep, we don’t perform. But the moment we wake up, we enter the world again. We start to put on our costumes, our make-­‐up, building ourselves up until we’re ready to face the world , and ready to take the stage.”

Through the languages of movement, image, and science a unique journey begins: into the unknown territory of sleep, where we spend one third of our lives.

SleepWake Press Release 5 2 2015“Highly Original, Multilayered, Outstandingly Executed” -­‐ Natalie Dowd, Theatreview

“The science comes from Dr Philippa Gandar, who runs the Sleep/Wake Research Centre at Massey. The rest belongs to The Playground. Both deserve applause for the intelligence with which art and science have been brought together to satisfy the id and the ego” -­‐ Gilbert Wong, Metro.

“I would recommend this show to anyone. Trubridge and his collaborators are to be commended for pursuing such an ambitious vision. The result is a highly challenging, experimental and exciting production, rendering science as amenable to expression through performance. There are moments of humour, surprise and pathos. The production will be fresh and unique every night due to its highly volatile elements. Don’t miss it.” -­‐ Helen Sims, The Lumiere Reader

“This is a rich piece of theatre art with rich collaborations woven into the tapestry of the whole; an intriguing dance between science and theatre.… Really worth seeing.” -­‐ Lyne Pringle, Theatreview

“The many things scientists are learning about the layers in the sleeping, dreaming brain were taken as starting points for a visionary theatre piece… there’s so much intriguing and thought-­‐provoking material to contemplate on the nature of sleep, perchance to dream, that I’ll certainly be going back for another draught.” -­‐ Jennifer Shennan, The Dominion Post

“There is wonder, humour, questioning, comfort, challenge, quirks of expectation and even reality in an amazing live video link to London (Is it real? Is it not? Am I dreaming?) Trubridge’s interior realm of dreaming makes fascinating and evocative theatre.” -­‐ Dierdre Tarrant, Capital Times

“The Australasian Sleep Association applauds The Playground’s production of “Sleep/Wake”. Through narrative, movement and digital imagery it informs about the nature of sleep,  challenges  and disturbs as it captures the tension between the competing priorities of sleep and wakefulness and powerfully evokes the surreal world of the dreaming sleeper”.


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